600 books for Royal North Shore NICU

Every mother who gives birth to a premature baby at Royal North Shore NICU will receive a copy of Your Little Head Start. 

We want to thank NSW Health for their support of our book.

We especially want to thank the following two special people for everything they have done to advocate for this book long before it was even finished. 

Clinical Professor Michael Nicholl
Clinical Director, Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health Network,Northern Sydney Local Health District

“Reading to your premature child is one of the most important and nourishing things you can do. This book makes it a truly beautiful experience.”

Alexis Fox
Nurse Unit Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital

"This book is an aid for any parent dealing with the confronting reality of having a premature or sick baby. It will soothe you on your journey and help you connect to your baby who would love to hear your voice."